D. MArie Cards

D. MARIE CARDS’s Iconic Website design

D. Marie Cards is an emerging brand as cards and books-selling agency helping people heal in their hard times. In alignment with the goal of the owner, I went through several insights to create an iconic logo that assists in giving the face of what it actually represents. Followed by creating compassionate and empathetic social media posts and banners that made them stand out in a world full of both striking and appealing cards of various types. With the graceful colors, using Rany and Sofia Pro font I lived up to create a website design that gives them an illustration and identity of what an authentic and inviting website seems like.



Focusing on the mission statement, creating Color Palette Typographies combination aligned with the ideal Fonts across Business cards, letterheads, note cards, card deck boxes, and pdf checklist, to make it a money-making website.

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