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Hassaan shah, the Founder and CDO (Chief-Design-Officer)

I have been part of the designing agency before designing was even considered a thing. It started in 2013 when I first established my own customized design set up with premium softwares, devices, and tools. Though it was a great investment but everything makes sense when your passion is involved.

Similar happened with me, I completed my academics in 2015 which elevated me to take designing a step ahead, and several Fiverr and Upwork designing projects became my daily routine. After the designing revolution in 2017, millions of scams and non-conceptual designing started to infiltrate the arena, that’s what gave birth to the designing website with the name “HASSAAN SHAH”.

For me, designing was not just some symbols, typographies, or color combinations but the soul that gives life to everything whether it is the cloth you are wearing or a million-dollar worth of business – design is everywhere. Designing is essential for any business and Hassaan Shah is essential for any good design.

Above everything else, Authenticity and Reliability are my key principles and it is how I’m able to maintain the trust of my customers by providing them with the dream-designs I worded. It is “not even drawing a line” or “creating state of the art websites” – there’s nothing in between at Hassaan Shah. You either get your Designs to stand out or nothing at all! 

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